Monday, November 23, 2009

Economics Lesson

Gave my husband a lesson in economics.

He went to the grocery store and I told him I needed Motrin, but only the Extra Strength.

He told me the Extra Strength usually cost more and shouldn't he rather get the lower dose?

So I explained carefully that if he bought the lower dosage and I'd have to take four pills instead of the two Extra Strength I normally need, I'd finish twice as fast and then replacing that bottle would cost a lot more than just having the Extra Strengths to begin with.

I thought he understood but then he came home with four travel packs of Motrin each containing two low dose pills. Each travel pack cost a whopping 75 cents! He spent three dollars on what is essentially to me two doses, or about eight hours of toothache relief.

He said the store was all out of bottles and this was the only thing they had left.

When I lost my head about spending three dollars on two doses of Motrin when an entire bottle of 250 pills cost about $5, he calmly replied that if he'd come home without anything and saved the money he'd be up all night hearing me kvetch about my toothache.

So, he concluded, he didn't actually spend the $3 on meds for me. He spent three dollars on a guaranteed good night's sleep.

Economics indeed.


trying said...

hope he gets his money's worth, and you feel better!

itsagift said...

Ha ha, very funny!
Why didn't he just go to another pharmacy?!
And refuah shelaima - those toothaches are no fun!!

mikimi said...

smart husband but "dumb" man.
feel better.

Curious said...

Cute Post!

I recently came acroos your blog and by now have read every single post and comment from the archives. I have some questions if you don't mind answering.

First of all I don't understand what the big deal with your name is. I can understand why you don't want your name to be printed Black on White on your books, but what's the problem with sharing it on this blog? Especially since you share it with anyone that asks you ( you had no problem telling me when I asked you a few weeks ago). Besides I'm positive that atleast 90% of you readers know your real name anyways.

Just wondering, When do you find time to post, between teaching, answering emails ( I sure made you crazy with mine), writing, and taking care of 2 kids?(does JB go to school already?)Don't take this as an excuse to post less often, but i would love if you can share your secret of time managment.

P.S. the new pictures on your website are adorable. Dassie reminds me of my sister. She's about the same age (9 ms.) but total different stage. My sister is a born aunt with a few married siblings.



J.A.P. said...

Curious- here's the deal with my name.

Tzipi is NOT me. If you searched Google for Tzipi you'd find everything you need to know about her writing career and her websites and her reviews whatever parts of her she's willing to share with the world.

The real me isn't ready to be Googled.

In fact, when I was asked by Targum to put up a Wikepedia page for Tzipi, my husband and I decided against it. Because even though Tzipi is already known, Wikepedia is very different than just writing a blog that I can decide to make private or close should a day come that Tzipi decides she doesn't want to be here.

Get it?

The Tzipi people know isn't a real person. She's just who I want her to be.

So while people know my name, they still don't know me. Not as I am in real life. And I'd like to keep it that way as much as I can.

It's hard to find time to write. I usually try to get some time in while HB naps and JB is in school (yeps, he is!). It's hard but so far it works for me.

Thanks about those pics. I think she's adorable too! She just started crawling and so her nap times are more than just writing time for me. They're also a nice break from chasing her away from the stairs!

Curious said...


Thanks for your reply. I think I got it straight now.

Yeh, once they start crawling you gotta keep an eye on them every second. My sister started crawling a few weeks ago and since then her favorite activities include "sweeping" the floor and eating anything that comes her way, paper, crayons, tissues, and once in a while some food too.

Although it's way easier when they sit in the carrige, or are locked into their crib its good to see them finally exploring and enjoying life a bit. Before we know it they'll be packing out closets and running around!