Sunday, February 10, 2008

Doctor Nerves

It's so weird. You would think that someone like me who went through all I did with doctors and cancer and everything would have no problem going for a routine checkup.Alas, such is not the case.

I had three separate doctor's visits in the last month and each was an ordeal. They were all regular not scary visits, just yearly checkups and normal scans and whatnot, but the planning and nerves that went into all that made it seem almost like I was taking chemo the next day.

Of course, blood tests don't scare me and once I'm in the examining room nothing bothers me anymore, it's just the bundle of nerves until I get there.

I wonder, am I crazy? Are there other survivors out there who also get pre doctor visits nerves? I don't slee the night before, cant eat in the morning, wake up early and stress big time.

Anyone out there? Or am I the only sane one???