Friday, December 25, 2009

Top Talents in Jewish Music Donate New Song for RCCS!

“I Believe in Miracles”; A Song to Help Cancer Patients

Avrohom Fried, Yossi Green, Yisroel Lamm, and other stars in the world of Jewish music have combined their unique talents to produce a theme song to benefit the many hundreds of cancer patients being assisted by RCCS, the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society.

The theme, “I Believe in Miracles”, came as a result of so many former cancer patients expressing themselves as recipients of a miracle, funded and facilitated by RCCS. The recurrent theme of the song is a song of hope and a song of strength.

In fact, many of the great Rishonim have written how one’s acts of kindness can result in the creation of a “miracle”. We are taught time and time again never to give up hope, even if a “sharp sword is resting upon one’s throat”. And that is the story of the song, and that is the story of RCCS.

Yossi Green, one of the leading composers in contemporary Jewish music was inspired to compose the song as a result of his first-hand knowledge of the accomplishments of RCCS. When Avrohom Fried (arguably the leading singer in the Chassidic music field, today) heard the song, he readily agreed to take part in this Chessed undertaking. And for those who know Yisroel Lamm, it is easy to guess that he immediately agreed to arrange and conduct the music.

The result is obvious to anyone with a discerning ear. According to Yossi Green, this song may go down as one of the greatest in Avrohom Fried’s longstanding history of great hits.

To download this song by donating a minimum of $1.80 to RCCS, please go to:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


There's been a lot going on and each point here probably deserves its own blog post but like I said, too much going on and not too much free time.

Here are the highlights:

Invisible Me went into a SECOND PRINTING! That's awesome considering it's out less than a month! So thanks to everyone to bought a copy and made it shoot up the bestseller list.

I will be speaking in Montreal IY"H- changed my mind in the end. January 24 I'll be there at the Ezras Cholim party so if you're a blog reader from that side of the border make sure to come say hi!

Targum and I are still waiting for your reviews! Nothing professional- just a few sentences telling us what you thought (without giving away plot details of course!). We've resigned ourself to hearing all about readers who were up till 4am to finish- so go ahead, tell us about your sleepless night with Invisible Me!

And now that Invisible Me sold out we KNOW there are lots of you out there reading it so we'll be waiting to hear from you! Email your review to me at twinklebrite AT

What else? I'd like to be writing another book but I'm kind of stuck with some writer's block so most of my days are split between playing around with a blank Word document and toilet training my son.

If there's anything else I'll be back to post! Right now my blank document is still waiting...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I'm back from my first speaking arrangement abroad!

Well I was back two days ago really, but you know how it is with jet lag....

Actually, there wasn't any time for jet lag. I left here just after Shabbos, got there Sunday lunchtime, spoke Sunday night, left early Monday morning and got back here Monday afternoon and went right from the airport to my nephew's wedding.

I've never done anything like this and it was a great experience even though I hope I never again have to do something like that in just a day.

I can't believe so many people really read and liked Miracle Ride enough to fly me across the Atlantic...

Had to back out of a trip to LA this weekend though. There's only so much traveling a young mother of two kids who are up all night can take in one week!

I still can't believe I did it!

I think there's so much more I wanted to say about it, but I can't remember what. I'll post again if my mind ever gets back from Great Britain.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Cutest Contest Entry So Far

Waiting to hear from readers out there! Click HERE for contest details.

Check out this "review"!

Dear Tzipi Caton,

I am so mad at you. My mother keeps ignoring me. She is reading this book and not paying any attention to me. So not fair! So don't write any more books, unless they are children's books. My mother says I am not old enough to read this one yet, maybe when I am bigger. Even though I am seven years old and I read on a fourth grade level. So you could write one for like fifth graders, that would be good. And when my mother finally came down to the kitchen, she still wasn't listening to me, so I said "I can tell, you're THINKING about INVISIBLE ME!" And then we both started laughing cuz she said I was right!

So to make me feel better, she said I could tell you how I am feeling...she said you might have more time to listen than she does right now.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tell Me About It!

My book is on the shelves!!!! I saw it today!!! I even took a picture, hehe.

Now I want everyone to get their hands on a copy and read it, and I'll even offer you a good incentive to do so.

Targum and I are putting up a contest.

We're looking for the best review on Invisible Me.

We need readers to write up what they think about the book, why or why not they'd recommend it to others, what age group they think its appropriate for, what they enjoyed most, and of course, anything else they'd like to share about Invisible Me.

The only things you can't include are spoilers about the book. Please don't mention any specific incidents and of course, don't give away the ending!

All entries will be published on Targum's website, and together, my editors and I will choose our favorite one.

The contest is open from December 1, 2009 until January 31, 2010. Please send your entries to my email address, TwinkleBrite AT and don't forget to put REVIEW in the subject line.

Give us a name you'd like your review to be listed under and we'd like your age as well. (If you prefer your name and age not be mentioned, just say so and we'll keep it private, but you'll still need to send it in to be eligible to win.)

Now for the most important part, the PRIZE! Targum has generously offered to give our winner a 30% discount at Depending on how many reviews are submitted and how many excellent ones we'll need to choose from, we might consider runner ups, but for now, this is what you'll be competing for.

Check out Bas~Melech's review of my book to get an idea of what we are looking for. Thank you Bas~Melech for the great regards!

So dear fans- get reading cos I'll be waiting for your reviews!