Wednesday, December 23, 2009


There's been a lot going on and each point here probably deserves its own blog post but like I said, too much going on and not too much free time.

Here are the highlights:

Invisible Me went into a SECOND PRINTING! That's awesome considering it's out less than a month! So thanks to everyone to bought a copy and made it shoot up the bestseller list.

I will be speaking in Montreal IY"H- changed my mind in the end. January 24 I'll be there at the Ezras Cholim party so if you're a blog reader from that side of the border make sure to come say hi!

Targum and I are still waiting for your reviews! Nothing professional- just a few sentences telling us what you thought (without giving away plot details of course!). We've resigned ourself to hearing all about readers who were up till 4am to finish- so go ahead, tell us about your sleepless night with Invisible Me!

And now that Invisible Me sold out we KNOW there are lots of you out there reading it so we'll be waiting to hear from you! Email your review to me at twinklebrite AT

What else? I'd like to be writing another book but I'm kind of stuck with some writer's block so most of my days are split between playing around with a blank Word document and toilet training my son.

If there's anything else I'll be back to post! Right now my blank document is still waiting...


Zubbadoo said...

Second printing so soon!!! That is beyond awesome. Congratulations!

Geted: The feeling one often gets that one simply MUST get it. Whatever it is.

"Geted washed over MC as she spotted the most beautiful pair of shoes she'd seen in years."

Curious said...

What about the book you were in the mid of writing when you started Invisible me?

P.S. Congrats!(for the second printing of Invisible me and speaking arrangment in Montreal, you've got a really busy life, hope your not biting off more than you can chew!)

J.A.P. said...

Curious- I did go back to writing that book- just not going so easy. Im in love with the story but the writing just inst flowing. I'll get there. Don't worry :-)

Curious said...

Maybe I can help. I love writing, but can't find a good enough plot to write about.

And here I thought you started writing Invisible Me because writing was going to easy and you wanted a challange.


Brochi said...

I hope to see you at the Ezras Cholim party but it's quite close to when my baby is due.
How long are you planning on staying here? I would have loved to take you ice skating, skiing or dog sledding.
It's great that you're in second printing, how many books per printing?
...and i agree w/ curious you do sound extremely busy

itsagift said...

Oh wow! The second printing! And I hadn't even bought your book yet!
I should be embarrassed to say that! :-/
It's just that I was soooo busy, I didn't have a chance to buy it!

Well, guess what?! I had to go to a doctor today and figured I'm gonna have to wait a longgg time in the waiting room so I picked up your book on my way there. The guy behind the counter told me that this book is going like hot cakes! My copy is already from the second printing - wohoooo! People were asking for your book but they were out of it - and finally got in more of them today! :-)

Turns out (of course, murphy's law) I barely had to wait in the doctors office (which of course I did not mind!) and so the book will have to wait till later tonight...or until shabbos if I'm too busy tonight!!

J.A.P. said...

Actually Curious- I starte Invisible Me because writing was getting boring- not because it was easy. Writing I.M. wasn't hard- it was just different, it was a challenge in that I had to rethink the way I write. This book I went back to is back to the old way of writing which is kind of boring to me- even though it'll sound just fine when I'm done, I'm sure.

Brochi- staying just that night IYH. Bringing my little daughter with me so if you know of any teens who might want to watch her during my speech...

Itsagift- I think you'll like the book a lot- you'll definitely recognize my "teen self" speaking from those pages!

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, what do you speak about when you speak?

J.A.P. said...

Anonymous- I speak about anything I'm asked to. People have liked certain themes in my book and asked me to speak about them.

I dont talk about the book at all- in fact the only thing I mention from the book is the diagnosis.

Ive spoken about chessed, attitude, being yourself, seeing G-d, Miracles, anything really.

Anonymous said...

your book is awesome!

David_on_the_Lake said...


Oh..and dont let writers block takes a moment of inspiration for it to be gone...