Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bro Scores, Yanks Win!

Who flipping cares?

Don't get me wrong, I like the outdoors, I love playing games, I know all the rules. But rooting for some idiot who makes three million a year to hit a ball? C'mon. I don't even know the guy! And does he even care if I root for him or not? No! Cos he don't know me from beans either.

But still at my brother's wedding, there were all the guys, (and many of the gals I must add), on their blackberry's watching the game live on Fox.

As my brother was on stage swaying and praying, his friends in the audience were jumping with nerves as they watched the innings go down.

Every so often you had some kid, or half the assembled, pump a fist in the air and holler "Go YANKS! Whoooooooop whooooop!"

We're talking during the chuppah.

I would like to say I didn't see my brother's eyes flick up once or twice, inquiring about the score, but I can't be sure.

(Just kidding! My brother isn't into sports at all.)

Stupid sick people.

Well the Yanks won and the wedding was great and the couple is cute and my gown was nice and I had a miserable time with my cranky kids who are NEVER coming to a wedding with me again, so all is well, but reality check anyone?


shaya g said...

well, it wasn't during the chuppah, but we did delay my neices chuppah while the bears finished the end of their playoff game a couple yerars ago, putting them into the super bowl.

shani said...

didn't anyone tell you NOT to bring your kids to the chasuna? for the future, take them for pictures, tell them that's the wedding, then send them home!
p.s. did your husband sing opera under the chuppa?!! ( well, i noticed on facebook that you made comment to a mutual friend that he sings opera someitmes...:)

Anonymous said...

J.A.P. said...

Shaya- sick fam you got. :-)

Shani- I couldn't send my kids home after the chuppah because the hall wasn't local. There was no way I could get them home, put them to bed and be back in time for the rest of the wedding. (And I can't send them home with anyone else cos they're monsters when it comes to bedtime)

anonymous- That's pretty funny! I'm chuffed!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what the yichud room is for? To watch the game! :-)


tesyaa said...

When my cousin had a vort a year or two ago only the womenfolk in my family attended; the menfolk stayed home to watch an important playoff game. (Wasn't local either, so they couldn't just drop by for a few minutes). It turned out the kallah's father was not too happy to be missing the game himself.

J.A.P. said...

Oh and Shani- my husband did NOT sing. He's shy. He did daven at the aufruf though for the first time ever and now he's getting offers and he's fully shocked about it. Hehe, wait till he finds out about youtube!

So if we have a mutual friend did you try to friend me? I rejected a bunch of people I didn't know this week, but if one of them was you, send me a message and I'll add you.

J.A.P. said...

Anonymous, I did not post your comment because I felt it was out of line. No one gets to insult my brother on my own blog.

The point of this post was that even the GOOD boys get nuts when it comes to sports- and that's what I can't understand.

If those guys attending the wedding were not a good crowd, why would I be shocked by what went down there? It only bothered me because we're talking of normal chassidish guys who are being redt girls as aidel as you think your sister is.

Brochi said...


I think it sad.

anonymous1 said...

I disagree with all of you for saying that it is sad that the men love the game so much. I believe it's a very good thing that they enjoy the game. If it wouldn't be this it'll be something else. My husband is very aidel and was a top bachur. Everybody needs an outlet and I would definitely pick the game to be an outlet for my husband and sons. I don't have to understand what they see in it. I definitely don't enjoy it. But I really don't care that they do. As for someone who makes a simcha and is upset that he'll miss the game, let him make the simcha after the game. it's his choice.

Blog reader said...

Can you post some pictures of the wedding on this blog? Maybe from your kids all dressed up.Also if you can post pictures or vedio's of your kids more often. They are ADORABLE קע"ה !

evanna said...

Only reason why people enjoy sports is because they have given up the fight between the yetzer hara and the yatzer tov, so since human beings need to compete they turn to sports and the media.
I'm not saying that all people who enjoy sports (as I am a fan of Newcastle United myself) have given up but it's something to think about- i think that watching the game during your friend's chupa is waaaaaay over the top. You can watch it later on.