Thursday, July 03, 2008

First Aid for Men

Dedicated to my dear husband who makes sure I take my vitamins but will never swallow a Tylenol.

When it comes to boo-boos, every man thinks he’s real tough,
“First Aid? Pshaw! That’s just baby stuff!”
A man may be feeling deathly sick and ill,
But you’ll never see a “real man” taking any pills!

Hallmark cards are silly; men don’t read ‘em,
And doctors?Ha! Who needs them?
‘Cos every man is just like you,
Thinks he’s Bob the Builder too!

You’d think men run on batteries the way they keep on going,
And pain? They’ll do everything to keep us from knowing!
And it’s only when they feel like being really nice,
That they’ll “do you a favor” and use some ice.

See, when they are hurt they don’t need no help.
They can find their own way to the “fix it” shelf.
They don’t see why stitches should do the trick,
When Crazy Glue can also make a cut stick.

Between paper clips, rubber bands, and colorful tacks,
Men have their own way of getting on track.
Hammers and screwdrivers, nails, and glue,
They accomplish everything a doctor can do!

“Don’t worry,” “I’m fine,” and “It’s really okay”
Are typical phrases you’ll hear them say.
‘Cos they’re sure they can fix anything, after all, in the end,
There’s a reason why Duct Tape is a man’s best friend!


NMF #7 said...

So true! And, they do you a very large favor by putting on that neosporin!
And, I firmly believe duct tape could fix almost anything.
Been a reader for a long time- first time commenting. Your book- too wonderful for words!

StillinShidduchim said...

:-) It's so true. But it's good in a way...would you prefer a kvetch?

itsagift said...

Great poem!! I love it!!
Keep writing!!

Michal said...

LOL it's great. so true. those macho husbands...

Inspired said...

Kay- I'm happy to see that my husband isn't the only one who freaks when I take Tylenol, etc. and is on top of my vitamin intake!
About the rest of it- they just have a different make-up!

JOE L. said...

Coudn't stop laughing.
But imagine it would be different you'd have to call a handyman every time you want to change the bulb, change the toner, hang a picture frame, set the thermostat, shabbos clock etc etc etc.
Or imagine every time the lady of the house cries the husband just cries too......

Anonymous said...

guess it depends on the man, some are very macho and some are happy to have a beautiful, loving woman take care of them as long as the girl knows who is really in control.

Guess its not much different then some girls enjoying feeling helpless with some men even if they usually can fight their own wars.

Inspired said...

I read this poem to a man I know who is more in touch with his sensitive side (he doesn't mind Hallmark cards!) and he said that some men like to be taken care of and need TLC, too!

Anonymous said...

my father is definitely up there. He literally makes me put Krazy Glue on things that really do need stitches. Oh, he knows when to go to a doctor, but most of the time, it's his own fault in the first place for not doing something about it immediately!

RivkA with a capital A said...

This is great!!

Got here via NMF #7.

She thought I would appreciate it, after she read my recent post about my husband, who is currently in the hospital.

RivkA with a capital A said...

just noticed that the C stands for cancer.

glad you are past that part of your life. My blog is about being a young mom, living with cancer.