Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fair's Fair

This poem was sent to me by a 12 year old girl who goes by the name TaliHotTamale. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with everyone. The nicest part about having this blog and the book is getting feedback and learning how awesome other people can be.

Teacher said that life ain't fair,
Mommy said so too.
But what I’d really like to know, what I wonder is if it’s really true.
If you get a cookie instead of me, do I have right to cry and say,
Life ain't fair?
If I fall down out of carelessness do I have right to scream and say,
Life ain't fair?
If you are funnier, smarter, or nicer than me do I have right to whine and say,
Life ain't fair?
If I get sick one day instead of you does that give me the right to groan that,
Life ain't fair?
For the King of all Kings sits on His throne on judgment day and looks down in His book
And if He thinks you should be He’ll let you off the hook.
But if that’s not the case and we don’t deserve to swim away,
Do we have the right to go and cry and then complain?
For our Father in Heaven only does what’s best, and never Judges unfairly while he throws at us those tests.
So are Mommy, teacher, and the rest right to say that life ain't fair?
I don’t think so.
In my eyes there couldn't be anything fairer.


Anonymous said...

Woh! So true. Wish I could've understood that at 12 years old - would've made life a lot easier. Tali, this perspective will get you far, hold on to it.

Inspired said...

Gotta say- pretty insightful for a 12 year old. This is one idea I've got to constantly work on internalizing in my heart and not just knowing it in my head!
Good for you, TaliHotTamale!

itsagift said...

Woah! Beautiful!!

The Babysitter said...

that was a great poem, especially for a 12 year old!

Anonymous said...

i always tell my students - life IS fair.
it just isn't equal.

little sheep said...

anonymous, you took the words out of my mouth! fair, just not equal! do we know each other?!