Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Still a Stinker!

Wow, my life is getting weird.

People are calling me up and asking me to speak in schools and stuff. Some people are talking to me like I'm some rebbetzin or like I'm the authority on all things cancer.

It's so strange to me because even my mother is talking about me to her friends like I'm just some angel she rasied by mistake. Ma!! Wake up!! Remember the time I tanned with star stickers on my cheek?!

I feel like slapping people and telling them that I didn't change- only their perception of me has. I'm still a little stinker- I was alaways this amazing person deep down inside, but now I wrote a book about it so they all know it.

Why did my husband actually listen to me and stop on the way home for the milshake I wanted? I guess fame and fortune have its merits...but oh, it feels sooooo strange!

The only one who hasn't been affected by my new status is my son, he proceeded to empty the tissue box an hour before Shabbos and climb into my cabinets Friday morning.

I am totally loving the ride I'm taking with Miracle Ride, but whoa, can I snap out of it when I want my old life back for a bit??


Just kidding... But still, it does feel weird.

Does being an author mean I'm not a stinker no more?


Anonymous said...

Well I \'m sure if you ask your little sibs you'll still be deemed a stinker or @ least they'd be happy not to give you celebritytreatment. Also how'd you get a pic of tissues if it was Shaboos morning?

J.A.P. said...

read again anonymous- the tissue picture was an hour before shabbos.

Oh yeah, I forgot about my sibs- I walk onto their block and they start pointing at me and running to hug me and beg me to sign their friends' books. They're also acting funny!

Michal said...

LOL, yeah the publicity is a thing. I was in the book as such a minor character, as Michal, and I keep getting plenty emails, questions and attention as being Michal. It's a little weird for me too, I can only imagine what it must be like for you LOL! See you tonight at the next publicity event!!!

Anonymous said...

Its whats inside that really matters. You will be whatever you want yourself to be. Some of us knew you were "special" way before the book. The same way some us know that you are still the same "stinker" after the book!

itsagift said...

Finally people are getting to see and know how really special you always were and still are!!
As long as you still didn't lose your gr8 attitude, you're good!!

Scraps said...

Actually, your "stinker" personality was one of my favorite parts about your book! You're a real person, not some rebbetzin. But that's just my take on it. :)

StillinShidduchim said...

I was always this amazing person deep down inside, but now I wrote a book about it so they all know it.
Not to take away from your wonderfulness, but the thought that came to mind when I read this is that so many people are amazing people deep down inside...but we don't take the time to look and see it. There's so much to gain from every person, if only we would take advantage, not only when they write a book and let us know.

And yeah, I agree with that last sentence. ;-)

j said...

Your use of "stinker" or "little stinker" can be really misleading for those who don't understand yiddish...

Anonymous said...


I know this is totally materialistic on an anything-but-that log, but I'm wondering if you could tell me where you purchased those beautiful bedskirts (in the picture of your son)? I've been looking for something like that for a while.

Thank you!

J.A.P. said...

Anon you totally crack me up.

Email me to and I'll give you the info on the bedskirts.