Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Half my Nerves Gone

Half of my nerves for today are taken care of! Just done the Nachum Segal interview and I had so much fun! He was so funny and easy to talk to. The archives should be up later so I'll post a link to them soon.

Mr. Segal actually called me after to tell me that he was so unexpectedly surprised that I was from Boro Park and yet so worldly. I told him that he got me and that I was really an alien invader from another galaxy just posing as a chassidish kid from Brooklyn. Mwahahahaha!

I must thank two blogs, Serandez and BadforShidduchim, for posting about my upcoming book signing this evening. I hope news of the book has gone out to a large audience and that we will totally bowl ArtSroll over with the demand for the book.

We must show the world out there that there is a huge need for literature on this topic and literature that can be spunky and humorous and honest. This is really just about me making more money off it, but seriously, be there. The cancer community wants to come out of hiding and the only way it's going to happen is if there is a really positive response to Miracle Ride.

So far I got really good feedback from the people who have already read the book (it was put on shelves yesterday) and people are still calling to tell me about it. I hope that tonight Eichler's sells out of the 250 books they have in stock for the signing.

Hope to see you all there!


BSD36578 said...

I am a relatively new blog reader but an older Nachum Segal fan and I heard your interview this morning. You did a lovely job and presented yourself beautifully and gracefully. I look forward to reading your book. Good luck to you.

anon#1 said...

Well - I'm a real alien from out-of-town, so I won't be at the book signing tonight, but I just got my book delivered today from Artscroll, and can't wait to start reading it!!!

Etty Gruen said...

I hope the book signing went well. Sorry, I couldn't be there but I'm studying for my final that I have tomorrow. My husband surprised me and bought me your book before I had a chance to go out and buy it. I'm looking forward to reading it this shabbos (as soon as finals are over).

M said...

Guys- I hail from boro Park NY, where I was privledged enough to be one of the many at the book signing. What a crowd! Oh, the lights! The tizzle! The glamour! The frizzle! (It was raining outside, you know) Lines and lines of people, all eagerly awaiting their turn to have their book signed and catch a glimpse of the fantabulous author who was responsible for all this. >:] Whoever wasn't there: YOU MISSED OUT!!!! And shame on you. You'll just have to come for her next book when she describes how she raises JellyBean.

Bas~Melech said...

Keep posted (no pun intended) for my exclusive, investigative report on the fabulously successful book signing. I will post it as soon as Scraps sends along the photos.

You were great, JACP!

Bas~Melech said...

On the Segal archive thing, fyi, The Interview starts around 2:30.