Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ego Boost!

Having so much fun being Tzipi Caton...

I just walked into a local bookstore to buy a book for a student of mine and I noticed a beautiful display of Miracle Ride on the shelf.

JB was with me and he pointed at the bright butterfly which I took to mean he recognized Mommy's book. But then again, he also yelled "Pamper!" when he pointed at a stack of yarmulkas...

I couldn't find the book I was looking for and so I asked the lady behind the counter if she had it in stock. Turned out she didn't. She didn't have the other, backup book I wanted either.

Dreading the thought of leaving the cool bookstore to face the heat outside, I stalled for time.

"That book," I said pointing over at mine, "is it a good seller?"

She looked over the counter to where I was pointing and she starting raving about how she had just finished it and that it was a great book and that it so far was a good seller even though it was pretty new.

I asked her if she got any regards on the book and she shrugged and said that it was selling well but that it was still new. She asked if I read it.

I grinned and told her I wrote it.

Without even asking for ID as confirmation, she grabbed six books and asked me to sign them for her kids.

Mwahahah. Even the heat was okay after that ego boost.

Okay, time to deflate my head...


itsagift said...

Woah!! Well, I have some positive feedback for you, dear!!
First of all, check your twinklebrite email address (from someone I work with) and the other story I have for you - either I'll call you or email you!!
You are doing gr8!!

itsagift said...

Just another reason to boost your ego!
I found this review for your book, Miracle Ride on Amazon.com!

A Teenage Girl, A Grim Diagnosis, and a Real Storybook Ending!, June 12, 2008
By The Sandman "Cooking It Up on Long Island" (Cedarhurst NY)

This was one of those "can't put it down" books that forced me to rearrange my busy life just to finish it off quickly. (Those who know radio personality Nachum Segal may recall this book robbed him a night's sleep.) Frankly, I think it has the story elements for a feel-good made-for-TV movie. A feisty yet bubbly Orthodox Jewish teenager is unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer - and suddenly her world is reduced to tubes, tests, chemo, and many uncomfortable questions, including questions of faith. This was an interesting book because it was actually born as a journal - so it flows as a rather stream of consciousness work. One of the recurring and very unexpected aspects of Miracle Ride is that the writer has a biting wit about her. She's only 16 - but she has a perspective way beyond her years. And can she confront adults! Woooooo! This book is an inside view on Orthodox Jews (an interesting sub-theme in itself), on a young person's courage in the face of uncertainty, on the amazing strength of the human spirit, on the use of humor to tackle a tumor, on strangers that are friends - and friends that are strange. I won't give it away but the ending is amazing. I think you'll find this a very different book about someone's experience with cancer. It made me think - a lot - about what life offers us all.


Anonymous said...

Regards from all the way in Eretz Yisroel.....
I went out with a friend today who told me she wants to purchase epes a new amazing book called 'A Miracle Ride'!! You bet I told her definitely worth it!!

little sheep said...

k, you're probably cracking up by how far back in time i'm going...

but here's another ego booster for you! your book was the most sought after reading material where i spent my summer-it's a good thing there were two copies-mine, and theirs!