Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Small Steps

Taking life day by day gets easier when you remember to appreciate the small things. :-) And it gets better when you remember to smile. Oh, and take lots of cute pictures. :-)


itsagift said...

You are so cute! Love that picture!

Zeeskeit said...

Awww...I once heard this piece of advise and just started implimenting it: Everyday I take a piece of paper and put a line down the middle. On one side I write good and the other is bad...Every time something nice happens or my older one behaves or is cute I write it on the good side anything frustrating goes on the bad side. At the end of the day I look through it. This way I get to remember all the nice things that happened. and about the "bad" I'll either feel justified for being so tired or revel in the glory of muddling through another hard day...Try it, it's great!

Judy said...

What a cute idea for a photo!
May you and your husband walk those precious little feet someday to her chupa.
& laugh a lot meanwhile until that awesome day!
Meanwhile, our hearts and thoughts are with you!