Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of Life and Linen

And Real Life goes on!

Taking it day by day is easier than it sounds. Especially when the last few days have been full of unexpected surprises.

Before this baby came I prepared like crazy- made suppers and froze them, stocked my pantry, prepared the baby room and gear from JB, all that fun stuff. So I wasn't worried about bringing JB back home less than two weeks after HB was born because I knew I could manage.

What I didn't know was...

-JB would cry himself to sleep the first two nights home because he lost his pacifier and because he missed being at his grandparents' house.

-Late Sunday night my boiler was going to conk out on me.

-HB was going to cry all Sunday night.

-HB was going to wake up JB at 6am.

-We would have to spend all Monday at my parents house for the heat.

-The plumber wouldn't be able to fix my boiler.

-There would be no one to call for emergency service because of President's Day.

-I was going to go back home with two electric heaters.

-...That would stop working at 11pm.

-HB was going to wake up for her feeding at precisely the time that JB vomited all over his crib.

-JB was going to puke all over my husband's bed while I was washing his linen.

-HB was going to cry while I did three more laods of laundry and JB threw up on my floor.

-I was going to be listening to Mrs. Himmelstein invite Mrs. Pitkin to her nephew Lemel's bar mitzvah at 4am. (Shmuel Kunda- JB likes to fall asleep to it.)

-I was going to be woken at 6 again for a feeding.

-JB was going to wake me up at 7.

-JB was not finished throwing up.

-JB was STILL not finished throwing up.

-HB was going to wake up while JB decided to throw up AGAIN.

-They were both going to finally fall asleep on stripped cribs and beds and I would be stuck in my freezing house still in pajamas at 1:20 pm wanting to go for a nap, but waiting for my linen to come out of the dryer...

Ah, real life. Feels wonderful to be normal again.

If anyone sees a squishy pink thing laying around or maybe even strolling the streets, I seem to have lost my mind some time ago. I'd like it back. :-)


Anonymous said...

oh princess! everyday life sounds really tough... I think you need some chocolate!

little sheep said...

i think i may have found it:

by Beverly McLoughland

Between my ears,
Behind my brow
I used to keep
My brain, but now
It's disappeared
Without a trace
And left an empty
Airy space.
I don't know why
It up and went–
It didn't even
Have a dent!
It didn't show
Much wear and tear,
If only I
Had kept a spare!
Finder… call me
Any hour–
(It looks a lot
Like cauliflower
And may be in
The produce crates–
Just pick the one
That concentrates!)
My name, my number
My address–
You'll simply have to
Take a guess.
My memory's been
Out of whack–
I'll tell you when
I get it back.

(i'm not home, mrs himmelstein!)

Boiler Service said...

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nmf #7 said...

It'll come back some day, don't worry :)
Until then- enjoy the hectic bliss. And try ice cream, that usually works for me.

LittleBirdies said...

Best of luck. But it does get better. It's rough the first few weeks, but it does get easier and better.
I have 2 wonderful boys that are 21months apart. The fun began with a c-section that I wasn't allowed to even lift my older son (at least I wasn't supposed to) and then he came down with and awful virus with high fever and leaky diapers. But it really does get better. They are now almost 6 and 4. They are the best of friends.

Zeeskeit said...

Wow! That's not simple post-baby days! I feel for you....3 loads of linen, crying newborn, and sick big boy.....=o

Hang in there! I promise that one day you will look back at this and laugh - Gam Zeh Ya'avor! and it's ok to cry!