Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pics from the Joey Reynolds Show

Still can't get the audio file onto the blog, bear with me. It wasn't anything amazing, but I was glad to do it and see what it's like to be in a real live studio and for the experience. And I give in, there are pics of my face :-) I'm the one in the short sheitel. My sister wanted to tag along and see what it was all about- she's the one with me in most pics. In the picture where I'm not facing the camera you can see Joey Reynolds on the right, half hidden behind his mike.


Zeeskeit said...

I hope you get that audio on soon. I stayed up with my crying son until 12:30 when he finally fell asleep. I concked out before you came on. Cool pics! Some friends filled me in and said it was great; funny and very interesting!

The Babysitter said...

wow, really cool, I'm so curious to hear the audio!

Anonymous said...

YOUR WIG IS AMAZING!!!! May I ask which one it is? I'm getting married soon and I'm doing some research....


J.A.P. said...

LOL thanks anonymous and Mazal Tov!

Let me tell you about my wig and why I am laughing.

This wig is as of this week celebrating its 5th anniversary on my head. I bought it when I first got sick (this is the ACTUAL wig I mentioned in my book) and I wore it day in day out for about four years before getting another weekday sheitel.

Last year I didnt wear it so much because the ends were looking blah, so right around Rosh Hashana time I decided to buy a new wig and throw this one out.

Then I figured that before I bought a new wig and tried a short hairstyle (new for me) on it, I should rather cut up this old one that I wanted to throw out anyway, and test the style on this first.

I didnt feel like spending a lot on a cut for a wig that was probably garbage, so I had a friend who enjoys cutting wigs chop it up for me just for fun.

It came out so awesome and looks so fresh and new, that the money I saved for the new sheitel will just wait another few years until this really gives out.

I still can't believe it when people compliment the wig (even though I know it's a good one) because I was all set and ready to trash it.

This is a Global Wig - it costs in the same range as most others out there that the kallahs are getting. It's extremely flat and natural looking (I have two of them- one for Shabbos) and super easy to take care of.

Hope this answered your question!

Think I'm going to post this comment on my blog now as a regular post. Miracle Ride and Miracle Sheitel...

itsagift said...

That's so funny that you just wrote about your shaitel cuz I was just gonna ask you if you cut your shaitel or got a new one! It looks great! The style is amazing - it looks so good on your face when it's framed that way with this kind of cut!!!

little sheep said...

i was so disappointed by the show! they didn't give you much of a chance to say anything, and i didn't see how it had anything to do with cancer...ok, it didn't help that there was awful reception where i was, and i could only hear every other word!

can't wait to hear your next one online after!

Anonymous said...

Is your sis holding your scrapbook?
I was wondering whether you can change the scrapbook pages on your site to 5 different ones.


J.A.P. said...

Yes, my sister is holding my scrapbook. No, I can't change the scrapbook pics on my site because its too much of a pain to scan more pages into my computer and then resize the files in order to put them up.

Anonymous said...