Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miracle Sheitel!

This post is my response to the comment of an Anonymous poster who liked the sheitel I was wearing in my pictures below.

LOL thanks anonymous and Mazal Tov! (LOL Are you who I think you are CRF? Then you already know this sheitel! This is the one I wore when I got to know you!)

Let me tell you about my wig and why I am laughing.

This wig is as of this week celebrating its 5th anniversary on my head. I bought it when I first got sick (this is the ACTUAL wig I mentioned in my book) and I wore it day in day out for about four years before getting another weekday sheitel.

Last year I didnt wear it so much because the ends were looking blah, so right around Rosh Hashana time I decided to buy a new wig and throw this one out.

Then I figured that before I bought a new wig and tried a short hairstyle (new for me) on it, I should rather cut up this old one that I wanted to throw out anyway, and test the style on this first.

I didnt feel like spending a lot on a cut for a wig that was probably garbage, so I had a friend who enjoys cutting wigs chop it up for me just for fun.

It came out so awesome and looks so fresh and new, that the money I saved for the new sheitel will just wait another few years!

I still can't believe it when people compliment the wig (even though I know it's a good one) because I was all set and ready to trash it. I wash and blow dry this wig myself, I even dyed it a couple of times in my kitchen sink. I was seriously not afraid of ruining it because I was ready for a new one. Now I wear this one every day and want to cut up my other ones that are looking a little blah.

This is a Global Wig - it costs in the same range as most others out there that the kallahs are getting. It's extremely flat and natural looking (I have two of them- one for Shabbos) and super easy to take care of.

I don't know many people who have Globals, just because most kallahs end up getting what all their friends are getting (ie: Shevy's and Kiki's) but I have been very happy with both of my Globals and I keep getting compliments on them even though one is five and the other is four years old.

I hope Global appreciates the free advertising here...


itsagift said...

You look great in that shaitel - I like the new look on your face!!!

nmf #7 said...

I own a Global- and love it to pieces! But you do look great!