Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lotsa Hair, No Brains

Over Shabbos I had the privelege of meeting some really stupid and insensitive people.

I was at a kiddush in shul where I met up with quite a few women who were lugging babies like I was.

I never believe it when someone tells me that JB is cute. He's cute by my standards but that doesn't mean that everyone finds him adorable and that doesn't mean that anyone has to go out of their way to say something they don't really believe.

I have seen many ugly babies and have had to say my share of tactful comments, but if I'm not asked, I don't comment on kids I don't find cute.

I thought my theory was something most people understood for themselves and generally, people try to avoid saying things to protective mothers that will get them in trouble.

But this Shabbos I met someone who took the cake. She didn't go out of her way to say my kid was the CUTEST thing since peanut butter and jelly; instead, she made sure to tell me how uattractive she found his fuzzy-almost-bald head.

This was a mother who really had a gorgeous baby. Her kid was the perfect Gerber baby with blue eyes and blonde hair and the sailor outfit with the matching socks and booties and hat and Bugaboo carriage.

She was running around the place asking everyone if her baby wasn't the sweetest thing around.

When I spoke to her she took a look at my baby and said she just couldn't help but stare because she thought his bald head was so odd looking.

I thought she was insane and told her so. Most of the babies in my family are born baldish and to me a baby with a ton of hair is soooo weird.

She said she never saw such a thing and wanted to know if my husband or I had ever been bald. I told her that I had been bald up until I got married.

As soon as she realized I meant my stint with cancer, she told me that despite his bald head JB was MUCH cuter and way more advanced than her child.

I should have JB wear a sticker that says "Be nice to me, my mom had cancer!"

Is it just me or are people really that stupid when it comes to their kids?


Anonymous said...

o boy o boy o boy


I don't think that people are stupid when it comes to their kids I just think that some people always act studiply because they put their mouth into action before putting their brain into gear. Sadly it happens in almost every situation. Poor people - they make such fools of themselves, you gotta pity them.

Bas~Melech said...

Imho, she sounds desperate. I don't know her reason, but I think only someone desperate for... attention? approval? reassurance that she is good, at least good at having cute babies?... could dig herself so deep.

But yeah, she definitely picked the wrong person to start up with :)

halfshared said...

Whaaaat?? People can be soo stupid sometime.

Anonymous said...

Have to pick a fight with everyone :). Don't worry JB is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

do you have positive experiences also, but negative ones are more interesting...or are you just a cynic with a cynical view on everything? No doubt, this blog is entertaining, but being so critical all the time is really not so good for you - you know?

agreed, this mother seemed to have stuck her foot in her mouth. :)

J.A.P. said...

I so dont care about those people, I just thought it ended up funny so I put in on here.

You know what irks me about mothers like her? She's going to be the one to "poo poo poo" at cancer.

Shes going to be the one who thinks her child and family are above such impurities like sickness and divorce.

She's the one that puts down the people who arent like her.

So as a mom obsessing over her baby, shes just weird, but as a person putting down others.. thats not cool with me.

Anon 1- I so did not pick that fight- it crawled into my lap.

Anon 2- sure I have positive experiences, I guess that because you asked I'll try and post that next :)

littlejerseygirl said...

We tried so hard to have a baby with hair. I begged for the egg with the hairiest genes to be released that month, but unfortunately it didn't work out.
You need to walk around with post-it notes that say "idiot" on them, and put them on people's foreheads when appropriate.

Rochelle said...

lol i see you still the same awesome blogger! i check back every day 2 see whats new! keep it up!

J.A.P. said...

Jersey girl- I'm laughing so hard. I actually begged for blonde hair and I got red peach fuzz.

Also, I prefer stupidhead. Idiot is so last week

Rochelle, thanks for keeping up with the blog!

CE said...

I was a completely bald baby until age 3 years. My kids are also born very bald, but K"H my 2.5 year old girl was able to just now get her first haircut (a trim). It grows in eventually.

Miss Teacher said...

I just read all your whole archive and I have to say I am fascinated with you and with your blog. As someone who has lived through a close family member having lymphoma (non-hodgkins) I appreciate your humor and your outlook. Keep up the great work! G'mar chasima tova.