Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chocolate for Breakfast

I don't know why, but this kind of thing happens to me a lot.

Ever since chemo I never really regained my weight and so today I'm a petite, thin person. I wouldn't say I look emaciated, or even skinny, I like the term thin. I hardly think I'm TOO thin, but then again, there are some strange people out there.

I'll give you the most recent occurence:

I was dropping JB off at the babysitter's on the way to work and on the way out, bumped into a little old bubby walking down the block. She called out for me to stop and I waited with ants in my pants until she finally got to where I was standing. I was in a huge rush, with four other teachers waiting for me to drive them to school, and this bubby was taking her time...and mine.

She came over to me and asked me "Bubbale, did you eat breakfast this morning?

I thought I was going to lose my eyebrows in my hairline.

Bubby asked me how it was possible to stay so thin. She wanted to know if I ate.

I told her I had a chocolate bar for breakfast and was in the middle of eating a melting ice cream bar in the car. It was true. I was late and my ice cream was melting. I was getting nervous.

I could tell she wasnt' convinced my metabolism was that good, so she asked me again how I was so skinny.

I hate telling people who ask innocent (albeit nosy) questions that I had cancer, but some random stranger asking me about breakfast sort of asked for it. So I told her.

As if I weren't late enough, the lady started to give me brachos. Wishing me a helthy life and for me to gain weight and for all to be good.

At least some of the brachos worked, the healthy life part was where I got to work a minute late and no one said anything! She must have been really special because her second bracha cause me to gained four pounds over Rosh Hashana. Now lets hope all will be well. :)


Anonymous said...

you forgot the part about how much of those 4 pounds you probably took off the next day :)

At least she didn't tell you never to mention the "C" word!

thin2 said...

What would you answer if someone asked you if you have anorexia? I get it all the time just cuz I have a gr8 metabolism..

J.A.P. said...


Id say-"Anorexia? No, I just starve myself."


thin3 said...

I know cancer was a huge part of your life and has made you who you are....and if you want to educate silly people about it-I think its a good thing. Im just abit confused, previously in your blog I got the impression you dont want cancer to follow you around all your life but do you think that simultaneously you want it to and you let it???
Im naturally thin as well and people are always telling me- have you eaten? You dont eat enough etc etc. I dont launch into my medical background...lots of people have those kind of comments. As my doctor put it (and I am quite underweight) 'they are probably just jealous'
People dont know your history and you cant expect them you want to educate? Or move on?

Seriously I dont mean to be one of those, 'stupid people' I have a close cousin with terminal cancer and all my mothers immediate family were lost to cancer. Its not a taboo for me..but at the same time I dont know even half of what you might expect I should.

Am I ignorant??? What do you expect of a stranger in your town?

J.A.P. said...

Thin3- I hear what your saying. In truth, cancer is something that I think of every single day. I think every cancer survivor thinks of it no matter how much they want to forget.

You cant forget. From now on, who knows that a bakck and blue mark isnt just a nothing. Constant headaches either mean too much chocolate or running for an MRI. People who have been on the other side are always a little hypochodriacal about they way they feel.

That said, I have to say that my everyday life is pretty normal. I don't usually wave my IV scarred hand at them, but once in a while it gets to be too much and I just open my mouth and let somebody have it.

On this blog, because I only write about stuff that have to do with cancer, you hear the isolated incidents as opposed to the way I really live day to day.

I don't ecpect people to treat me a certain way or whatever it is you're implying. I expect people to think befor they comment on something tthats none of their business- like my weight, for instance. I'll only say something like my cancer line if I felt the person was out of line for commenting to me.

I dont expect understanding- just common sense. And that has nothing to do with being a survivor- Im sure you wosh the people commenting to you had some of it too.

Hope that answers your question.

G'mar chasima tova to all!

Sara with NO H said...

a gmar chasima tova shanas geula vyeshua v'hisromos keren yisroel.

thin3 said...

thank you for answering so honestly and not taking offense! None was meant.
People should have common sense, I just take it with a big lump of salt! ;-) Look fwd to your next addition

mikimi said...

I'm just amazed at all you have gone thru and sometimes people need "a kick in the touchus" to realize what is appropriate to say and when to keep quiet.
There is always more to any situa-tion than meets the eye.