Monday, August 27, 2007

I Know it Looks Like Dirt but it Isn't!

I went shopping for school stuff last week at a store in my neighborhood. Its the kind of variety store that sells anything from notebooks to Tshirts to pots and soap. I went for the notebooks.

I was standing in line waiting to pay with JB in one hand (He refused to sit in his carriage) and 4 notebooks in the other hand.

Don't ask why I need 4 notebooks. I don't. I just have this thing for notebooks. I love having a bunch of cool journals lying around with a sheaf of neat lined empty paper just waiting for me to doodle on.

I used to use notebooks to write my poems in when I was younger but ever since I got a laptop my handwriting is sort of extinct. But I still like notebooks and I have about 40 lying around my closet and every September time I buy some more.

Well to get back to what happened on line at the cashier:

There was this lady in front of me who was deciding if the Tshirts she was going to buy were tzniyus enough. She was debating the neckline on each and every one of them and I was wondering if she was ever going to pay and if I was ever going to make it home before JB had another tooth.

Finally, the lady noticed that I was wearing a Tshirt very similar to the one she was about to buy. She came over to inspect my neckline.

She walked around me a few times and finally told me that I had dirt on my neck. She LICKED her finger and was about to wipe it off when I told her I knew I had a dark line on my neck. It was a scar from that biopsy I had when I was ill.

She looked at it again and then asked me if the neckline of the particular Tshirt she was contemplating was okay. I told her that I knew that the necks were a bit too open because my sisters owned the same shirts and they had trouble with them.

She asked me why they fit me so perfectly.

So I told her that I had Hodgkin's a few years back and that my neck was slightly swollen and the Tshirt fit me perfectly.

I have no idea if my neck is swollen. It just seemed like a good thing to say at the time. The shirt probably shrunk in the wash for all I know.

The lady gave me a horrified look and took all her stuff and went over to the next cashier.

Maybe she thought I was contagious.

In any case, I got home right on time. JB cut his second tooth last night!


Anonymous said...

you are hilarious.. keep it up.. I guess the "new" part of the blog isn't that much different!! keep up the good attitude, and congratulation of JB's newest tooth!

halfshared said...

omg lol, I would have run the other way so fast if that happened to me.

Anonymous said...

o my oh my!!

ha ha said...

You have a great way of putting humor into every situation!!

Anonymous said...

Phew!!!! You're a real character!!!I admire your confidence!!!

Lakewood Venter said...

awesome response!

Anonymous said...

you're hysterical! thanks for adding humor to my otherwise boring morning at work!

Frum Jelly Bean said...

Ah, that was a bit sneaky of you. But sounds like that nosy lady deserved it. *laughs*

J.A.P. said...

Frum Jelly bean??? I didn't think my son was old enough to get onto my blog- you mean to tell me there are OTHER Jellybeans out there?

fjb said...

We JB's are few and far between. A rare and exceptional breed, that we are. ;)