Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look what I Found!

I get asked a lot if certain of the crazier parts of Miracle Ride are real- other than real proof you're just going to have to take my word for most of it, but look what I just dug up! (and yes I know it's a few weeks late...)

P.S.- only about two more weeks to send in your reviews on Invisible Me! Targum's contest runs until January 31 2010. Send 'em to my email address- twinklebrite AT yahoo.com


itsagift said...

Yup! I remember when you told me Santa came to visit you in the hospital and you took pix with him!

What made you find it now? Pesach cleaning already???

And yes, I must write up that review for Invisible Me! Thanks for the reminder!

mikimi said...

SantaClaus is really a Chassidic Jew dressed up early for Purim! and I still miss xmas lights and some of the songs.

Anonymous said...

that's so cute??? can you post a few more pictures of you or your wedding???

Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

waaaait..... i thought you ripped this picture up??
either way, hysterical!

Anonymous said...

that is cute...
so is that the cap that you got in trouble for in school too?

YP said...

Cute Pics.

BTW I went online to Targum and this is what I found:

Send your objective, well-written book review of Invisible Me to invisibleme @ targum.com and get a chance to win a $25 shopping spree on the entire Targum website. Winner will be notified via email by 2/28/10.

How come the reward differs and they don't say anthing about a deadline?

Are you going to post the winning name and entry on this blog?

Please do.

Brochi said...

Gosh,that should've been in your book.
...and I guess that's the blue comfy shirt you wore at the time.

J.A.P. said...

YP- that was a mistake that we overlooked! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It turns out that Targum was offering a choice- lots of people felt that a discount wasn't a great prize because it forces you to spend money in order to claim your prize. So they offered a choice of the $25 so you dont actually need to spend your own money on their site to redeem your rewards!

Jan 31 is the official close of the contest and we're taking those two weeks to choose a winner. I'm sure though that if you send something in Feb 1 we'll still look at it ;-)

Of course we'll post the winning entry on the blog! I don't know about the name though- that depends on if the reviewer wants it published.

J.A.P. said...

Anonymous- I'm sorry but I couldn't accept your comment that put down another commentor on the blog.

It is okay to disagree, but to make deragatory remarks that could hurt them and to pass judgement without knowing a back story, isn't acceptable.

If you'd like you may suitably modify your comment and repost it.

J.A.P. said...

Anonymous- I appreciate that you understood my last comment.

I'm not going to post your follow up comment because it still mentions names and I dont want anyone to get hurt or for this to become a back and forth where people will feel like they have to jstify themselves and their way of life.

IF you wanted to email me privately I could explain a little further. twinklebrite@yahoo.com

CUTE said...

If Santa is really a Chassidic Jew, as mikimi says, are you allowed to pose with him?

adorable post, in any case.

Anonymous said...

It's been almost six months, is there a winner for the best review? Please post ASAP.


J.A.P. said...

Unfortunatey Anonymous, Targum has been going through some issues concerning payment of their authors. Right now the last thing on either of our minds is the winner of the contest. Hopefully soon when Targum gets their affairs in order we'll have a winner to announce.