Thursday, May 15, 2008


Okay! I'm here!

The book is really moving! They called me today from ArtScroll to finalize some minor little details that had to get done, and the actual printing is within the next week or two. That means that by this summer you can see the book on shelves! I'm so excited!

The title has been changed to "Miracle Ride" even though I liked "Riding Backwards" better. There will be a subtitle on the cover to give a little insight to the book and so far we came up with "Fighting a Tumor with a Dose of Humor". I thought that was a good subtitle, but ArtScroll still needs to approve.

The cover art isn't done yet, it's in the process of being created, but printing can happen before the cover is done so I dont care much. I need ideas for a good cover, but I trust ArtScroll has ideas of their own. After all, they're in the business a lot longer than I am!

There are two forewords and two afterwords in the book. My doctor and my mother have each written a foreword, and my friend (another survivor) and myself have written the afterwords. Well my aftweword is more like a thank you page, but its worth reading cause it's funny. I am not about to drop my unique style even for a boring acknowlegements page.

My students are so excited with this book- they are learning so much from the process of what it takes to write and edit and print. I should publish a book every year! My classes all deserve this experience.

My doctor actually called to talk to me about the book and he's really excited about it too. He felt that this is something that no one has covered yet in the market and he feels that this might be good for all patients to read- not just the Jewish ones.

He laughed about all thos incidents that he remembered me getting into, and said that there were a lot of times where I cried or was serious that he never would have guessed felt. He thought it was something that could show people out there that its possible to see things in a good way but its okay to cry too. I'm so happy that he thinks highly of the book.

Other than that he asked me if I would mind talking to a new patient of his who also has Hodgkin's. She's a little down about the whole thing and he thought it would be good for her to see me and hear my point of view. I said yes right away, but I'm kind of shy and nervous.

Anything else about the book? Oh, yeah. I went and gave a class to a seventh grade last week about what it's like to be an author. The teacher is my niece and she took advantage of me by asking me to fill up her lesson. I had a great time pretending to be this amazing author, and then it hit me, like, "Hey! I AM an author!" Feels good!

Pretty much that's what I have to write for now and I'll keep posting as my book gets closer to being published...

Thanks for reading!


halfshared said...

Looking forward to reading it!! can't wait!

itsagift said...

heeeey!! Cant w8!! This is sooo exciting!!!!! WOAH!!!! I am sooo happy 4 u that this is finally happening!!
Can't w8 to see the real book on the shelves!
Until then,
hatzlacha rabba!!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for the book, I know how much this means to you :)

Bas~Melech said...

oooooh, this is getting exciting!!!

(Though I'm a little disappointed about the title change. Anything with "miracle" in it is too cliche for you, imho. Don't you have any veto power?)

As for the learning experience, hey, if you want to publish a book every year that's fine with me! Just let us know when they're out!

amazing said...

I agree with bas-melech. Your original title was just that; original. but miracle ride sounds great. I can't wait to get it. I hope it comes out before i go to camp because i need something good to occupy myself with. Make sure its extra long and really juicy.

Old Kvetch said...

Ms. amazing wrote
.........I can't wait to get it. I hope it comes out before i go to camp because i need something good to occupy myself with. Make sure its extra long and really juicy.

What do you think she wrote? A book or a fruit roll up???

Just kidding. I mineself am so delighted and got so much egg-static from this news that I am going out and taking the Coney island bus (I should live so long, kenainahora pupupu, to see that bus show up and time and maybe not splash me from the puddle so when my shoe get stuck on the gum some little malach hamuves left on the floor at least my socks should be dry)all the way to the Jewish bookstore (what a shame we don't got no Jewish bookstore in Brighton, no?) where they sell all the new Jewsih music (you call thie stuff they make today music? I don't! Sounds like something worse then my little brothe zelig used to make on his accordian - it was two oatmal containers we saved connected whith a hoses from hte back of the old dry with buttouns from my father's old shirts but he was young, maybe he didn't know the difference, and anyway he was about to leave for the navy after college anyway, what ah shlemazel, he thought he was signing up to go for a Day Line ferry around Manhatten) records on the new computer things there (so what was wrong with my old records? What, a few scratches is so bad? My brilliant son had to go out a few years ago and buy me that new tape thing came out, with eight tracks and now only a few years later I can't get no more tapes for it. Oy you try to raise them, you do the best you can but do they listen? Nah! Ah nechtertog! Always so smart these kids today. Nu, at least he lives at home to take his parents and carry the luggage to the car for when we go to the Lakehouse every year. You know its a better place then those new fancy places. No elevators is better. I read somewhere elevators can send electric shock thru your hearing aid and make from your brain Farina without no raisins. Even he can't carry heavy stuff no more but his youngest helps a little to put the bags in the van but this year maybe not because he might not come to stay by his parents because he has to go in New Jersey for his daughter's graduation from college. You'd think for a parent what paid for his daughter's tuition all these years they would change the graduation date for a cay when her father don't have to borrow a car from his mother's brother who used to drive a cab but now he retired and just uses the car for himself -- you know they don't make those Chevy cars like they used to - from plastic they make cars today. I hear in the Sahara dessert in Texas like where President Bush - there's a boy should have stayed in college and lived at home for a few more years, it wouldn't hurt him and he'd mabye know how to talk good, like me, cause I took a course in this at the senior citizens center in Cheapskate Bay near Brighton but we don't say senior citizen center no more, now we say mature adult center - nu, the signpainters also got to make a living, even if my son don't know what that means, to work)and leave the grandparents alone for an a whole afternoon and I am going to pay FULL PRICE for your book on the day it comes out. (I got from my daughter a 10% off coupon anyway I got to use soon because it expires three and half years ago and the store its from closed four years ago but it was also a book store so they got to except it too, no?)

All kidding aside, I wish for you a big success and maybe then you can put 'a deal' on your blog and we'll all get a good price on your next book, but only the next book should be only from happy things with lots of empty pages for the tzares you don't get so when we buy the book for a grandchild should read we can right about our own tzares and make them feel guilty a little bit, you'd think they could at least call with those cell phones they are getting deaf, diabetes, gout and arthritis and even bunions, you shouldn't know from it.

Anonymous said...

BTW I Checked on Artscroll's website and it's supposed to be released May 29th!!! I can't wait.

A Loyal Fan