Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yes! I'm Sick!

This was written by a friend of mine who is SICK of being sick! Well, she isn't sick anymore- She's getting her port out this week B"H! But this is what she wrote about how she feels about the last few months.

Yes, I am sick of…your “concern”
Yes, I am sick of…your selfishness
Yes, I am sick of…your nosiness
Yes, I am sick of…your stupidity
Yes, I am sick of…your tactless and constant phone calls
Yes, I am sick of…your visits
Yes, I am sick of…your wants-how about mine?
Yes, I am sick of…your chessed and mitzvos
Yes, I am sick of…you talking about me
Yes, I am sick of…your pity
Yes, I am sick of…the pity in your eyes
Yes, I am sick of…your mouth
Yes, I am sick of…the attention
Yes, I am sick of…your fishing expeditions
Yes, I am sick of…your interrogations
Yes, I am sick of…your harassment
Yes, I am sick of…your lies
Yes, I am sick of…my new best friends
Yes, I am sick of…your presents and letters
Yes, I am sick of…your fakeness
Yes, I am sick of…your “friendship”
Yes, I am sick of…the tension
Yes, I am sick of…being told what to do
Yes, I am sick of…being stared at
Yes, I am sick of…being examined
Yes, I am sick of…being self conscious
Yes, I am sick of…the do’s and don’ts

Yes, I am sick of…my tears
Yes, I am sick of…my sleepless nights

Yes, I am sick of…waking up early
Yes, I am sick of…wearing a wig
Yes, I am sick of…taking pills
Yes, I am sick of… being pricked
Yes, I am sick of…chemo and radiation
Yes, I am sick of…doctors and nurses

Yes, I am sick of…Memorial Sloan Kettering
Yes, I am sick of…being part of the Chessed organizations- of them
Coming over to me, talking to me, of their pushiness to do that they want me to do!

Yes, I am sick, I don't need you to tell me all this,
I only want your help in getting better.


Old Kvetch said...

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Enjoyable Purim. Don't worry about me, its not like I really wanted to be invited to anyone's seuda anyway, I don't like to be a bother, besides with my health problems how much of your food could I have eaten anyway if you had found a few seconds in your busy day to think about where your old kvetch was going to eat Purim seuda because anyway I can do like last year and make my own seuda and the food would be better because I happen to prefer canned gifilte fish and frozen stuffed cabbage which I can't heat up because I don't have microwave because I heard on Oprah or someone like that where microwave ovens can sent a shock or maybe a virus bactiria thru your pacemaker which I don't have yet but maybe I'm going to get because of my sugar problems which I didn't have until my children moved away and now I don't see them except when I go from Boro Park to Flatbush by a car service that charges too much and has drivers who can't even speak English (did I tell you how much my parents made sure we should all loin to speak a good English so we could become citizins and vote, not that there is anyone I'd vote for anymore, the politicians today are all no good) and if I give him a few cents extra he maybe slows down and honks his horn when he passes my daughter in law's house (its not my sons house, he didn't want it, only to keep her happy, they moved all the way here, for him he could have lived another 17 years in our basement, even if it isn't like the fancy basements they make today with a seperate entrance and a toilet) so if she is home and by the window maybe she can wave back, which would probably be a good way for her to dry hernails faster so maybe she could cook
a real meal for the children when they come home and not have to eat frozen pizza in a microwave (did Iever tell you I can't have a microwave near me or I could get an irregular heart beat and hiccups? By the way, I read once for hiccups the best thing is a big glass of Ginger Ale with a banana. Its worth getting the hiccups just to try it, it works so good) and maybe her poor husband (who every girl from boro park, flatbush and parts even of monsey was just waiting to marry, he was so smart and so good looking but like the idiot he is he had to marry a girl who only wanted to tear him away from his own family, not that for myself I care because I have anyway a busy schedule with so many friends you'd think I had a few dollars to leave in a will, but for the rest of the family it was terrible,TRAUMATIC even, the day Moishe's movers came to pull him away from his real home, in front of his baby sister who was living then in the other half of the basement with her seven kids and their husbands and wives and everyone was just fine, it was good enough, so I thought at least with a Jewish name like that a person gets nice Jewish boys to move you, right? Ah nechterger tog, like my mother would say everytime my father wanted to go into business with his brother in law, so who knew computers was going to be such a big deal anyway, and anyway it is just a passing fad, I don't need one I still got my eight track player, I don't need to stick things in MY ears, so who do they send? Mexicans maybe, or worse, who knows what kind people they have working for them, I just hope they all had thier green papers to work because I think some of them lived in new joisey) so don't you worry about me, I never asked anything for myself, just they should all be happy and healthy but it wouldn't hurt if they picked up a phone once in a while, even though I stopped answering mine because I read once that some phones can interfere with pace makers and maybe I am going to need one (you should meet the heart doctor what takes care of me, my son could have been like that if his wife hadn't ripped him away from us when he was only 38, what a mentsch, I'll bet his wife cooks for him a real meal every night but sometimes I wonder if she uses a microwave because her husband touches pacemakers all day and oy does medicare pay too much for that little chatchkeh, in China I hear they sell them on the street corner three for a dollar, or maybe like three for a few hundred yen like they use over there, and let me tell you I am old enough to remember when a dollar was really worth a dollar, not like today, young people don't even know the value of money, you'd think the way they spend it money was made out of paper) but I know anyway they aren't calling so I don't care not to answer the phone when it rings and now they stoped even calling Hathalah to look in on me when I don't answer my phone, you think they care?, ah nechtiger tog, I'm not leaving a suitcase full of money for them in a sweedish bank so why should they care if I live or die? Just because I sufferred for them? I starved for them? You think they remember? Forgetaboutit, it wouldn't happen in a blue new moon.

So, you all enjoy yopur Purim and just remember, know that you a re all gone I don't care anymore about this little hole in the wall my husband called an apartment but for you and the kids eating up those hamentachin (they don't make them with as much lekvar like they used to, you know that?), when you finish your seuda (without me) PESACH IS ONLY FOUR WEEKS AWAY! START SCRUBBING!

J.A.P. said...

OLD KVETCH LOL, I am rolling!!

amazing said...

hey, your purim experiences are always the highlight of this blog ( well one of them at least) what happened this year. Please don't dissapoint me.

Anonymous said...

What's the latest with the book??
My wife and I want to buy it!