Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The title says it all.

I grew up on the game blurt. I guess it's one of the games that are the making of English teachers.

The game is a deck of cards with dictionary definitions. One person reads the definitions and the other players need to blurt out the word the definitions are describing. The pressure and competition between the players are what make it so stressful to get the answers out.

I found this game today while shopping for Chanukah presents. It was at a great price and I was so thrilled to see my childhood favorite on sale for a third of the usual price that I grabbed a set for a friend and another for myself.

My husband wanted to know what I was going to do with the game and I said I was going to put it away until I had three daughters to play it with. He's still groaning.

The other set is for a friend who is going through chemo. She's having a very hard time dealing with those people who can't stop saying inconsiderate things to her about her illness. Being sick is hard on her and having to deal with the added stress of weird people doesn't help anything.

When I saw the game Blurt I had to think of her. It made me laugh that Blurt was her whole problem. It was the problem of people just blurting without thinking.

Like in the game, the players are just aiming to get what they have to say out in the open and they aren't listening to anyone else. Sometimes they try and blurt out the answer before they even finish hearing the question.

I feel like Blurt is the life of every cancer patient. People talking over you and not even listening to what you have to say before they start jabbering themselves.

All they want is to get ahead in the game, they just don't realize how idiotic they all sound shouting and jumping to find the right answer.

In Blurt the answers are regular words. In Cancer, I think the answer is Blurt!

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