Monday, October 29, 2007

Be Right With You!

I'm so sorry for keeping my readers waiting, but Boruch Hashem we're busy busy busy on this side of the world.

We've had some simchas and lots of nachas from JB (he learned to flush the toilet himself!!) and lots of pressure and work and everyday life taking up most of my time.

I have at least three posts waiting to go up and in the drafting stage but I'm kinda still too busy to really get them posted.

I want to thank the readers who emailed and contributed to the posts I plan on putting up soon and if anyone else would like for me to write about something specific- please let me know!

Just forgive me for being so slow. I have a life (or try to) outside of this blog!

Be right with you!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait

itsagift said...

You are busy with simchos?! BARUCH HASHEM!! Btw, THANKS for taking the time out of your ultra busy life to come to my vort!!!!! You looked amazing, as usual!!
Waiting for more...till I get to read your book!

Anonymous said...

Busy, Busy, Busy :)

You really need to get the book out if you need help let me know, it would be my pleasure.


little sheep said...

what? you have a life outside of your blog? why would you? doesn't everyone live in blog-land? (now you see how far back i'm going...i'm still annoyed that i didn't get to read it before you took down the whole begining!)